Driving Life lessons

What's interesting about driving is the forced interaction, at speed, with lots of people and systems. You only have limited information and context from everyone and it's generally the same for them.

I've had to do a lot of driving recently and that has been an opportunity for a lot of reflection on life and society as a whole.

These are a few sentiments that emerged.

Your actions leave a direct impact around you

The very act of choosing to drive leaves an impact in the world. For example harsh braking can generate impacts that reverberates long after you have passed. What you do and how you do it matters beyond you.

Ego and conflict are rarely not beneficial

The risks and dangers outweigh the benefits nearly every single time. Following from the point above, taking actions to directly generate conflict often are incredibly counterproductive beyond the set of parties involved.

Clear communication is helpful

Signalling intent is very useful. Of course this only works as long as you do what you are showing without mixed signals. Clarity and then behaving as you indicated, helps everyone.

Different people, different needs

Some cars are expensive, others not so. Some are pragmatic and practical, others are ideals. The variety exists to serve different purposes and that variety is great. Immediate envy or prejudice makes little sense, as everyone has a different situation.

Take time to enjoy the journey

Focusing is important, but don't forget to add a pinch of other observation. That might be the scenery or a conversation with your travel partner or the music that is accompanying you. The journey is part of your experience.

Getting to the destination is ultimately what matters

Everyone is moving in an attempt to get to where they want to be. Knowing how to get to your destination and getting there safely is the best way to ensure you'll get new opportunities to be somewhere else in the future.

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