Sound and productivity

An observation into my go to sounds for personal productivity

I've noticed that I frequently use a set of playlists and websites as an accompaniment to being generally productive.

I suspect some of these might specifically only work for me whilst others are more universally approachable. Feel free to dive in the collection and see if you find them useful.

For general focus

Some nice repetitive loops that help in most tasks. These are often simple instrumental tracks with slower paced beats, they're often calm and conducive to most activities.

For things that need to happen fast, often when in flow

It's Irish folk music. Some of these can be somewhat peculiar but they just work for me.

These are again mainly instrumental tacks but with a combination of instruments, faster paced beats and emotional crescendos. Conducive to getting a lot of things done.

Thinking and ideating

Most of the sounds here come with white noise along side lovely natural sounds. They work well for me when needing to reflect.

Pairing these together can work too, for example having the Tree sounds with a general focus playlist can result in some great things.

If you have any sounds conducive to productivity, do let me know, I'm all ears.

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