Short cuts for life?

A couple of shortcuts that I think will save you a little life.

I'm talking about keyboard shortcuts here. Now, this could be considered one of the most mundane things to read, but take a moment to imagine how many times in one day do you search for something in your browser?

You reach for your mouse, move it over to the address bar, click it and begin typing. Each movement takes time to orient yourself, move your cursor and more.

Did you know you save yourself doing all that just by using Command+L to get going straight away?

Using that might just save you ~1 second of your life. Over time, that could eventually accumulate to a whole week of time back to you.

Here are some of my favourites. These are MacBook specific but swap the Command for the Control key and you're on your way:

Function Keys Thoughts
Close tab Command+W As a tab hoarder, when it gets too much closing them down quickly is super helpful
Reopen closed tab Command+Shift+T Sometimes however I get it wrong and this helps me reopen something I've closed.
Focus on the address Bar Command+L Avoids finding, moving and then clicking your mouse. Lots of little time saved.
Open your browser history Command+Y Quickly find the the thing you were previously looking at.

Hopefully these will save you bits of time to do greater and better things.

If you'd like to take this further you might like to explore these tips.

If you have any more great shortcuts let me know.

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