These are some pieces I've written.

Topics I often explore are culture, art, data, technology and productivity. Most are short, some are long.

Smaller (and much older) creative peices are hosted on my blog or in my sketches.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Driving Life lessons

What's interesting about driving is the forced interaction, at speed, with lots of people and systems. You only have limited information and…

March 25, 23


I'm trying to read more and also make use of what I've read. This board captures what I've been reading, some of my perspectives on them and…

January 26, 23

Leaving better paths

Good documentation is useful, great documentation is empowering. We should practice towards great documentation. Working on any product…

January 30, 22

Open good list

A living set of internet bookmarks that are somewhat good. This is my open list of links to some good things on the internet. They cover a…

April 05, 21

Short cuts for life?

A couple of shortcuts that I think will save you a little life. I'm talking about keyboard shortcuts here. Now, this could be considered one…

February 26, 21

Sound and productivity

An observation into my go to sounds for personal productivity I've noticed that I frequently use a set of playlists and websites as an…

February 26, 21